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MSS Components

Bryden Capital - A Global Partnership

MSS Components

MSS Components offers industry specific solutions to the group's global partners.

In conjunction with our four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India and an extensive global distribution infrastructure in the UK, US, Europe and Asia, we can provide a comprehensive solution to our customers.

This allows them to consolidate their supply chain, reduce their inventory and overheads and assists with business cash flows.

MSS Group continuously strives to add value through our dedicated R&D facilities, production innovation and a robust quality control department.

MSS has shown growth over the last 50 years through a combination of long-standing relationships with core partners and continuous investment in up-to-date technology and improved capabilities.

We place a high value on being a positive contributor to the local and international communities, this can be seen through our collaboration with local/national charities and a variety of environment and green projects.